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Enduring love: how to find the right antique or vintage engagement ring (hint: don’t pick opal)

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As a dealer in antique jewellery based in Sydney, Australia, I’ve sold countless antique and vintage engagement rings over the years. I could have sold many more … but I’ve turned several potential customers away. That’s because my rings they most admired just weren’t suitable for everyday wear. When it comes to engagement rings, some […]

Why is it so hard to find good antique earrings?

Antique and vintage earrings

Vanity drove me to buy and thus collect good antique earrings in my early days of dealing. I was 28 and my face seemed more attractive when I added earrings, especially if they had movement. Rings weren’t for me – my hands have always been short and square with unloved nails. So, as a fledgling […]

Hello, world. This is Karen Deakin Antiques

About Karen and the store

Hello, I’m Karen Deakin. As this is my first blog for my new website, I thought I should start by introducing myself and tell you a little of what I’m about. I’m an antique jewellery specialist based in Sydney, Australia. I sell vintage jewellery and offer antique and vintage engagement rings, Art Deco engagement rings, […]